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okay but what about character shaming the engineer

"I promised an Englishman that I would help him save the world when I just planned to kill him."

"I convinced a guy to murder his children."

"I go out of my way to scare the shit out of people for my own amusement."

"I gave a guy so many mental problems no amount of therapy can help him."

"I sound like an arrogant bag of dicks constantly."

"I will keep calling until you give me attention."

"My villainous intentions aren’t obvious, as I clearly speak in dark riddles to confuse you."

"I’m too hammy even for a game about pigs."

"Is there more scenery for me to chew? MORE CHEW MORE CHEW"

"I’m a god, but I’m also the Orb…and Mandus is my father. Figure that one out."

"I think I’m hot shit but the manpigs still won’t listen to me."

"What’s that? You meant your -real- children? Oh they’re dead. And you killed them."

"I will scream my fanaticism to the streets, even though they’re noisy from the masses being killed!"

"I constantly straddle the line between being over-zealous and eager or just being an outright creeper who sounds like he is trying to flirt."